It is all Here

BreAnna Baylis
1 min readJan 6, 2021


Photo by Flo Karr on Unsplash

From distraction to distraction I leap and I bound
fearful of what may be found if my feet were to touch the ground.
I’ve heard it doesn’t move, it remains completely still,
and once you touch it you begin to feel all that is real.

So from rock to rock I bounce and I hop,
moving as quick as I can so my balance won’t be lost.
I cannot feel my feet beneath me, nor see what surrounds,
but my anxiety begins peaking with any attempt to slow down.

It is not a race, yet I am running;
my exhaustion has left me questioning why.
If I can’t see what surrounds me now,
What is the point of the other side?

I’ve been chasing some destination and avoiding all that is within,
but what is the point in arriving if I’m unaware of where I have been?

So I slowed my gate and let the others pass me by
my body filled with sensation as I stepped off to the side.
All along I was avoiding the freedom to be found
in the dirt beneath my feet and the stillness of the ground.



BreAnna Baylis

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